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At one unknown point in the past, a universal anomaly formed of primordial energy pierced the dimension of 3Kingdoms. The resulting cataclysmic eruption of force caused a ripple effect, effectively copying the base universe of 3Kingdoms itself.

This massive upheaval resulted in a new dimension, named forth by the gods as 3Scapes!

3Scapes is an alternative dimension to 3Kingdoms, similar in many respects, but completely stemmed and unique in so many ways. Communication across the dimensions is easily handled, as is the ability to retain your character identity (i.e. name) across all existence, but beyond that, everything else is unique.

Since opening in 2009, 3Scapes has grown to become a community of over 800 characters with new guilds, new areas, new quests, and new functionality. With its own cast of players, administrators, and its own unique feel, 3Scapes is a vibrant virtual world ready for you to visit, explore, and enjoy!

Differences between 3Kingdoms and 3Scapes

  • GXP rates are increased by 3x 3Kingdoms rates. No longer will it take you years to have a formidable character. Reaching the pinnacle of power is achievable!
  • New guilds:
    • Angels: Will you be a resilient Divine or a destructive Fallen? Possess the creatures of the three Realms and use them to conquer your foes.
    • Warders: Take up your blade as a indomitable Warder from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and confront the forces of the Dark One with the aid of your powerful Aes Sedai ally.
    • Witch: Use hexes, rituals, and invocations to overcome your opponents while empowering your allies with blessings and potions. Witches are a much sought after addition to any party.
  • Almost all of the guilds have been worked on over the years to remain competitive with each other. Some guilds have changed drastically while others have had some much needed adjustments.
  • Mercenaries are specialized NPCs that you can hire and train and equip to fight with you against the hordes of the Realms!
  • Earn skill points and an experience rate bonus for exploring the MUD!
  • Dozens of new areas and many areas have been expanded.
  • No more running back to town to repair armor, it's unbreakable!
  • Mobs across the MUD have been scaled to new power levels to make them competitive with popular areas.
  • Unlike 3Kingdoms botting is still illegal.
  • 3Scapes upholds the rules against quest information being shared so you can enjoy the satisfaction and bragging rights that come with completing them. Quests have also been adjusted so you can't use Qinfo found on 3Kingdoms.
  • Way too many changes to name them all!