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The First Steps

You can either connect through Telnet or a MUD client (which is recommended). The host: Port: 3200

Follow the on-screen instructions to create your character and you will quickly find yourself in standing before Shala, Head Mistress of Newbieland.

If you are new to MUDing I highly recommend typing tutorial to enter the tutorial. If you aren't new to MUDing it's still recommended to go through the tutorial because of the great newbie gear you will acquire and you will begin a skillquest. The tutorial will guide you through a short scenario where you will learn basic commands and functionalities. You will end up in Mayor Buford's office who has some useful things to say.

Now that you are finished with the tutorial there is a lot of options for you on how to progress. It's recommended that you read at least a few help files before you begin your adventure. Some have been posted for your reading convenience.

help newbie

help rules

help death


dmap found

help foundation

help newbieland

The rest of this guide will assume you have at least read help newbie. It's a great FAQ that gives you a brief rundown on everything you need to know to get started.

So now there are two major options before you. You can either hurry on to level 4, complete the newbie academy quest and advance to level 5 to join a guild or take your time and have fun in newbieland solving quests. Regardless of your decision it's important to get your character to level 4 with full stats. That way you will be prepared for either the newbie academy quest or for taking down difficult quest mobs.

Onward to level 4!

First things first. It's important to understand the different variables that effect your abilities and strength. Right now that is mostly going to be your stats. As an Adventurer you can look into how stats benefit you by typing info stats which will show you this:

 STR  - Strength     - How much you can carry and how hard you hit
 DEX  - Dexterity    - How well you can defend
 WIS  - Wisdom       - How hard you hit
 CON  - Constitution - How many hit points you have
 INT  - Intelligence - How many spell points you have
 CHA  - Charisma     - How well you interact with others

Pretty straight forward right? It's hard to mess up your stats at this size. You can reset your stats for the cost of half the sum of all the xp ever spent on your highest stat (at these levels it's just a drop in the bucket). Not only that but for almost every guild you will raise your stats to at least 15-20 so in the long run it's hard to go wrong. As an adventurer you really won't need any INT or CHA.

On 3Scapes there are skills called mskills. They are skills that every one can acquire and can affect your character in small or dramatic ways. I recommend reading help mskills for more information. There is one skill in particular that is going to make your life a lot easier. Go ahead and type advance adventuring.cartography this will give you a skill point in cartography which will let you see a minimap as you walk around the MUD or when you look in the room.

Now it's time to go grinding (our term for killing mobs for exp or gxp). If you didn't do the tutorial or lost your gear you can easily acquire new stuff by going to the room with Shala, Head Mistress of Newbieland and going 3 south and 1 east. You can type equip in this room to receive newbie armour, sword and shield (which you can use even if you did the tutorial) or just do the tutorial again, that gear is the best equipment for newbies in those slots. There are a lot of newbie areas you can explore and kill the mobs (NPC enemies) within to get you to level 4 but there is one place in particular that I find good for taking you from level 1 to level 4 with full stats.

The Barracks

From Shala go 3 south, up, 3 north, and type enter mirror 1. Welcome to the Barracks! I like this area because it has plenty of mobs for all sizes and pieces of gear for the slots you may have not gathered equipment for yet. Before we get started take a look at info salve this is your Adventurer healing ability that can be used every round. It's going to be vital for us to be able to make it through the Barracks in one piece.

Our target right now is going to be the Private (1st Class) mobs. They are the only mobs in this area you are going to be able to kill right now. Make sure to wear your gear and wield your weapon. If you did the tutorial these guys should be a breeze. Remember if you have the Steel sword (faintly glowing) sword to use your shock ability! After you slay the Private make sure to bury corpse and if they drop some gloves go ahead and pick them up and wear them.

Checkout the ability rcost. You can see your current experience, experience needed to level, stats and cost of raising a stat. You can also advance your stats from anywhere in the game by typing advance <stat> like advance str I highly recommend investing your experience into STR right now. Get it to at least 5. This way you can mow these guys down even faster and spend less SP healing yourself with salve. Once you hit 5 strength you should be able to take on the Soldier mobs as well. Go ahead and walk around the area laying the smack down on the Privates and Soldiers and avoid the Commando mobs for now.

Stat Recommendation: 5 STR -> 5 WIS -> 5 CON -> 5 DEX -> 4 STR

This stat setup should work well for you if you decide to remain in newbieland and complete quests. It gives you a decent foundation of defense and enough offense to make those tougher fights go by faster. Your goal is to be level 4 and all your stats raise and with enough experience to advance to level 5 when you are ready. This should happen before you run out of Privates and Soldiers but if you do feel free to take out the Commando mobs until you reach this point.

To Quest or not to Quest?

So now you must make the decision, will you hang out in newbieland and complete some or all of the quests or do the newbie academy quest and head out to explore the Realms? The reason you have to make this decision now is because once you advanced to level 5 newbieland will be shut out from you and it will be almost impossible to return. However, that does not mean you cannot complete these quests in the future. Quest completion is shared between all your characters. That means once you meet the prerequisites for obtaining an alternate character (usually referred to as an alt) you can complete the newbieland quests with that character or a future alt and receive the credit across all characters. So if you are still interested in questing head on to the next session, if not, skip it!

To Quest!

Your newbie quests are viewable by typing questlist and as a newbie you will see the newbie questlist by default. The quest Bug can be completed at any time and may be difficult for you to complete right now so I'd recommend saving that one for later. Most of the quests are good starting quests to teach you the ins and outs of solving quests on the 3Scapes. I will warn you, however, Lothlarian is a bit more difficult and Attrition! is quiet difficult. People have spent as long as a month(s) trying to solve Attrition!.

Remember to check out help quests, help method, help questhelp if you haven't already.

Check the donation bin for gear, it's north of Shala. East of the donation bin is a room with different items people can donate to help out newbies. Take whatever you feel you can use from the box. Chances are you will have to ask on the newb chatline for someone to fill those up. It's a good idea to let people on the newb line know you are attempting the newbie quests, they will be more inclined to help you out knowing you aren't going straight on to a guild. Try and find the Ring of Light that's dropped by the Weary Peasants within the Peasant Farm mirror. Lastly, I recommend investing another skill point in the Focus mskill, it will increase your SP regen so that you can salve more frequently. It will lower your down time and maybe save your life. Just type advance health.focus

You should be set to head out on your first quest now, good luck!

The Newbie Academy

Your final stop as a newbie is to solve the Newbie Academy quest. It's pretty straight forward. You are allowed to be given directions to the entrance so go ahead and go to Shala and go 3 south, 1 down. You may need some coins to start the exam, try selling the items that dropped in the Barracks to Gemini at his shop dmap found. Good luck!

Once you've finished the Newbie Academy quest it's time to join a guild. This is a big decision so check out Choosing a Guild.